Smart contract developers are reinventing applications in finance, gaming, insurance, art, and many more industries, creating a system that executes contracts based on mathematical certainty. Chainlink decentralized oracle networks are at the center of this evolution, enabling developers to leverage high-quality data from APIs and other data sources along with powerful off-chain computation resources to build the next generation of smart contract applications.

Whether you need secure market data for a DeFi app, verifiable randomness for a blockchain-based game, or low-cost off-chain computation to automate various contract functions, Chainlink’s flexible oracle infrastructure provides developers with the extensive suite of decentralized services they need to build more feature-rich dApps.  

This year’s Chainlink Spring 2022 Hackathon aims to empower developers of all skill levels to use Chainlink oracle networks to build decentralized applications that address a wide range of use cases and realize the full potential of hybrid smart contracts. Get hands-on experience with smart contracts, a fast onboarding to the Chainlink tech stack, workshops with top engineers, exposure to blockchain career opportunities, and a chance to win prizes from a total pool of $500k+

Past Chainlink hackathons have seen individuals and teams build hybrid smart contract applications that have redefined what dApps can do. For this event, we want to see even more creative applications that leverage the full power of Chainlink solutions. 

Hackathon participants will have an entire month to explore, experiment, and build together, as well as the opportunity to meet top developers from Chainlink Labs, who will be available to check out their work, offer feedback, and give a behind-the-scenes glimpse of what it’s like to build at the cutting edge of the smart contract industry.

The official hackathon runs from April 22nd to May 27th, 2022. See below for more details about the event, including the prizes on offer and potential building opportunities.

Some important reminders:

  • Project submission dates: April 22 - May 27 @ 11:59pm ET
  • Closing Ceremony: June 6, 2022
  • The Hackathon workshop schedule is available here
PS: VC day is an invite only pitch day. VCs decide on which winning teams to invite to the VC day. 


What is Chainlink?

Chainlink is the industry standard for building, accessing, and selling oracle services needed to power hybrid smart contracts on any blockchain. Chainlink oracle networks provide smart contracts with a way to reliably connect to any external API and leverage secure off-chain computations for enabling feature-rich applications.

Chainlink Price Feeds provide a large collection of streaming market data. Developers can currently integrate easy-to-deploy code to retrieve Price Feeds for crypto assets, commodities, FOREX, and more market data, opening up a huge number of potential applications. 

If you’re looking to call a specific API or type of data, build a straightforward External Adapter to call the API to your Solidity smart contract. Creating a new External Adapter is a fantastic hackathon project for those new to Chainlink, and can add a unique identity to projects from veteran smart contract developers. 

A popular solution for gaming, ticketing, and many other use cases, Chainlink VRF provides developers access to provably random numbers, enabling them to build any type of app that needs transparent and secure RNG (random number generation) on-chain.

Creativity is your only limiting factor—Chainlink empowers your smart contracts with any data source you can think of in a secure manner, allowing you to build end-to-end decentralized, secure, and reliable applications.

Register today and gear up with Chainlink hackathon resources

To help maximize the success of projects, hackathon participants will be provided with direct access to experienced mentors and technical support, extensive educational materials for learning about off-chain services, live workshops showcasing how to use Chainlink, and much more. We also encourage you to join the hackathon channel in the official Chainlink Discord to meet other hackers and to explore our collection of developer resources below:

If you want to kickstart your blockchain development journey and #BuildWithChainlink to realize the full potential of hybrid smart contracts, sign up below to secure your spot today for the Chainlink Spring 2022 Hackathon. This is our biggest hackathon yet and poised to spur a major wave of innovation across DeFi, the NFT economy, and the larger smart contract ecosystem. As always, we can’t wait to see what you build.

PS: See the Sponsor Challenges tab for details on the prize breakdown - each sponsor has its own challenge statement & prize breakdown. 



Each project must use Chainlink in some form to make a state change on a blockchain, otherwise it will not be eligible for the Chainlink core prizes. This means that a front end simply reading from Chainlink data feeds doesn't count. Using one of Chainlink Data Feeds, Chainlink VRF, Chainlink Keepers, or Chainlink API Calls inside your smart contracts is required. 

For sponsor prizes, you do not have to use Chainlink - but to make your project as best as it can be using the materials here, it is recommended you do!

Projects must have been created during the duration of the hackathon, and not previously. Improvements on existing projects are acceptable, so long as the improvement project is clearly stated. 

Hackathon Sponsors


$1,019,000 in prizes
Cryptocurrency logo Prizes paid in cryptocurrency

Chainlink Grand Prize - $40,000
Cryptocurrency logo

Chainlink NFT & Gaming - $25,000
Cryptocurrency logo

Chainlink DeFi Prize - $25,000
Cryptocurrency logo

Chainlink DAO Prize - $20,000
Cryptocurrency logo

Chainlink Social Impact Prize - $20,000
Cryptocurrency logo

Chainlink Women in Tech Prize - $20,000
Cryptocurrency logo

Chainlink Services - First Place - $10,000
Cryptocurrency logo

Chainlink Services - Second Place - $7,500
Cryptocurrency logo

Chainlink Services - Third Place - $5,000

Chainlink Top Quality Projects [$750 each] (40)
Cryptocurrency logo

Filecoin - *General* StorageWizard (3)

*General* StorageWizard: The best use of IPFS for content addressing and/or Filecoin for persistent, decentralized storage (projects that use them indirectly via,,, Textile, or other tooling also qualify). All types of projects welcome - get creative!

1st place = $10,000
2nd place = $7,500
3rd place = $5,000

Filecoin *Bonus* DeFi Magician (2)

*Bonus* DeFi Magician: Best use of IPFS/FIL for DeFi, such as decentralised AMM, lending protocols, wallets, insurance, stablecoins (great to combine with Chainlink Oracles or Price Feeds)

1st place = $5,000

2nd place = $2,500

Filecoin - *Bonus* Social Good Warrior - $7,500 (2)

*Bonus* Social Good Warrior: Best Use of IPFS/Filecoin for social good (e.g., sustainability, tackling the energy & logistic crises, preventing misinformation). Teams may create an oracle for Filecoin Green data, use Arbol data or build tools to establish information provenance.

1st place = $5,000
2nd place = $2,500

Filecoin - *Bonus* On the Tools - $10,000 (3)

*Bonus* On the Tools: Best tooling to ease storage or retrieval of Filecoin data for use in CL Oracles. For example for use with scientific data or for AI/ ML or IOT integrations or for oraclizing Filecoin chain events.

1st place = $5,000
2nd place = $2,500
3rd place = $2,500

Filecoin - *Bonus* Gaming, Metaverse, Daos & NFTs (Oh My!) - $7,500 (2)

*Bonus* Gaming, Metaverse, Daos & NFTs (Oh My!): Best use of IPFS or Filecoin for NFTs, DAO Tooling, Gaming or the Metaverse (e.g., archiving, provenance connections, aggregation, tooling)

1st place = $5,000
2nd place = $2,500

Filecoin - *Bonus* IPFS it - $5,000

*Bonus* IPFS it: Best IPFSing of HTTP data - Chainlink is often used to pull data from the regular web, why not autopublish to IPFS while you’re there?

Filecoin - *Bonus* Daily Hack -$5,000

*Bonus* Daily Hack: Best Hack Project We’ll Use Every Day that uses IPFS, Filecoin, Libp2p (e.g., chat app with p2p, social network or social media tools, web scrapers, personal management systems (calendars, maps etc.), coffee maker, thermostat, IoT, home automation)

Filecoin - Runners up - $12,500 (20)

*Runners up*: Split between the next 20 runners up

Up to $12,500
($1k max/team, 20 teams max)

Polkadot - Parachains and pallets track - $10,000

Dive deep into the Polkadot ecosystem and explore various parachains that are already connected to Polkadot. Build dapps on top of parachains by utilising the full power of their smart contracting capabilities or by adding logic directly to the runtime. Extra points for leveraging Cross Consensus Messaging (XCM) to make full use of one of Polkadot’s biggest features - interoperability.

Best smart contract deployed to a Polkadot Parachain: Winner - $5.000 USD

Best pallet to integrate with a Polkadot parachain: Winner - $5.000 USD

Polygon - Total of $50,000
Cryptocurrency logo

Polygon Gaming Track ( $10000 ) - 3 Winners( $5k,$3k,$2k)

Best decentralized gaming project that utilizes Polygon’s lightning speed for a seamless gameplay experience.

Polygon Metaverse Track ( $10000 ) - 3 Winners( $5k,$3k,$2k)

Build the next generation of tools for DAO management / treasury / operations tooling.

Polygon DeFi track ( $10000 ) - 3 Winners( $5k,$3k,$2k)

Build a kick-ass NFT project to cater the growing NFT ecosystem in the Polygon ecosystem. Remember to add the “coolness” factor specifically for this track.

Polygon NFT Track ( $10000 ) - 3 Winners( $5k,$3k,$2k)

Build the next generation AMM, Index funds, Yield aggregators and options protocol.

Best Use of Polygon Finity Design System in a Dapp ($1000 * 5) - 5 Winners

Finity is an open-source, cross-platform and powerful design system that lets you create beautiful and user-friendly dapps. Incorporate this design system in your dapps.

Learn more about Polygon finity:

Binance - BNB Chain Prizes - $35,000
Cryptocurrency logo

Challenge Description:

For many protocols on BSC, accurate and trusted asset prices, known as oracles, are crucial. The diversity of oracles will definitely enhance the robustness and innovation of the ecosystem, as BNBChain is expanding to multi-chain architecture, a new Oracle infra should be introduced here to be easily deployed to the BAS and BPC in future.

Prize Bounty : This bounty features a total of $30,000 BUSD.

Gold (1 team)

· $15,000 in BUSD Tokens

Silver (1 team)

· $10,000 in BUSD Tokens

Bronze (1 team)

· $5,000 in BUSD Tokens

Pooled Prize for 10 teams = $500

Submission Requirement :

Please provide a valid BSC wallet address to receive BUSD.

Judging criteria :

Design and usability.

The code is open source.

A proper guide to reproduce the performance test.

The chain is based on the BNB Chain.

Additional Links :

BNB chain development ecosystem and tools :

Covalent Pooled Prize - $8,500 (8)

The prize pool includes a top prize of $3,000 and a minimum prize of $500 to qualifying projects at Covalent’s discretion. To qualify, projects must, at the very least, use one Covalent API endpoint and pull on-chain data from any supported blockchain into a smart contract using Chainlink.
See the Sponsor Challenges tab for more info.

The Graph Prize - Grand Prize - $9,000
Cryptocurrency logo

The Graph Prize - Runner Up - $4,000

Truflation - $10,000 - 3 total winners (3)

1st place = $5,000
2nd place = $3,000
3rd place = $2,000

Moralis - Best Moralis Powered Project - $7,500 [1st and 2nd place] (2)
Cryptocurrency logo

Best Moralis Powered Project: $5,000

Runner Up Moralis Powered Project: $2,500
"Awarded to the hackathon participant who's product best takes advantage of the Moralis workflow as the backbone for their project."

Moralis - Metaverse Builder's Bonus (Uses Moralis): $4,000
Cryptocurrency logo

Metaverse Builder's Bonus (Uses Moralis): $4,000
"Moralis is a Metaverse builders power-house, one that operates within permissionless ecosystems, cultivating real ownership. $4k to the best project pushing forward the permissionless Metaverse movement, and using Moralis Web3 to make it happen."

Moralis - Pooled Pirze - $13,500 (14)
Cryptocurrency logo

Pooled prize for 15 projects that use Moralis.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Austin Griffith

Austin Griffith

Allen Day

Allen Day

Ivan Liljeqvist

Ivan Liljeqvist

Patrick Collins

Patrick Collins

Gautam Dhameja

Gautam Dhameja
Parity Technologies

Alison (Ally) Hair

Alison (Ally) Hair

Stephen Fluin

Stefan Rust

Stefan Rust

Vittorio Rivabella

Vittorio Rivabella

Keith Chen

Keith Chen

Albert Hu

Albert Hu

Michael Müller

Michael Müller
Parity Technologies

Isaac Lau

Isaac Lau



Rumeel Hussain

Rumeel Hussain
BNB Chain

Judging Criteria

  • User Experience / User Interface
    How useable is your project? Does it look nice? Does it accomplish what it's set out to do in an easy to use and approachable way?
  • Originality / Uniqueness
    Has this project been done before? Is it unique?
  • Technicality
    How difficult is the problem you're solving? How many moving parts? Did you build it in an efficient manner? Did you give it too many moving parts? How clean is the code?
  • Practicality
    Is this something people will want to use? Does this have business value? Is this something that could grow and have a mass following?
  • Wow factor
    Buffer points for anything not captured in the above pieces of criteria!

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